Chapter 1.3 - Environment and Endpoints


The environments available to you are Sandbox and Production:

Sandbox and Production environments operate identically for tax calculation and reporting. Tax calculations produce the same results when identical client profiles are used in both environments.

Some differences between Sandbox and Production:

  1. Each environment is self-contained and does not impact the other environment. Some examples:
    • When a profile is updated in one environment, it does not impact the other environment unless you request both environments be updated. Sandbox can be used to test profile changes in before applying the same profile to Production.
    • Calculations performed in one environment only appear in reports for that environment. If you are testing a bill run in Sandbox, you can perform the bill run repeatedly with no impact to Production reports.
    • Access provided to users in one environment has no impact on who has access to the other environment. Developers, QA, and other team members can be given access to Sandbox, but not given access to Production.
  2. Automated compliance reports for returns are generated from Production only.


Check out Swagger!


Endpoint Method Description Request Response
/api/v2/Healthcheck GET Healthcheck that confirms the service is operational and ready to use None

Jurisdiction Determination

Endpoint Method Description Request Response
/api/v2/geo/PCode POST Get PCode(s) associated with a location - Ctry/State/County/City/Zip Zip Lookup Request Zip Lookup Result
/api/v2/geo/Geocode POST Geocodes one or more street addresses or lat/long coordinates Geocode Requests Geocode Result


Endpoint Method Description Request Response
/api/v2/afc/serviceinfo GET Retrieves server time, service build version, and tax engine version None Service Info
/api/v2/afc/taxtype/{taxType} GET Get the tax information (description and category) for a Tax Type ID {taxType} as URL parameter
Use "*" in {taxType }return all tax types
Tax Type Data
/api/v2/afc/tspairs GET Get Transaction/Service (T/S) Pair information None TS Pair Data
/api/v2/afc/location/{pcode} GET Get all jurisdiction location data associated with a specific PCode {pcode} as URL parameter Zip Lookup Result
/api/v2/afc/primary/{pcode} GET Similar to the /api/v2/afc/location/{pcode}endpoint, but works as a "best match." Returns location info for the primary jurisdiction associated with the specified PCode {pcode} as URL parameter Zip Lookup Result

Tax Calculation

Endpoint Method Description Request Response
/api/v2/afc/calctaxes POST Performs tax calculation on invoices. See Calculate Taxes for more information. CalcTaxes Request CalcTaxes Response
/api/v2/afc/commit POST Commits and Uncommits transactions. See Commit/Uncommit for more information. Commit Request Commit Response