Chapter 5.3.2 - PCode Lookup Result

PCode Lookup Result

The PCodeLookupResult object contains the jurisdiction information returned when searching location matches:

Key Value
LocationData [LocationItem] Location Item Contains a list of location matches for the address being searched
MatchCount [int] Match Count Number of matches returned
InputMatchType [string] Input Match Type Match type from user input
  • Exact match
  • Best match
MatchTypeApplied [string] Match Type Applied Indicates whether the matches returned are based on an Exact match or Best match
ResultsLimit [int] Results Limit Maximum number of results applied to the Zip Lookup Request


{  {  "LocationData": [    {      // Location Item    }  ],  "MatchCount": 1,  "InputMatchType": "Best",  "MatchTypeApplied": "Exact",  "ResultsLimit": 10}