Chapter 5.3.1 - PCode Lookup Request

PCode Lookup Request

The PCodeLookupRequest object contains the location data used as input for searching jurisdiction matches:

Key Value
CountryISO [string] Country ISO 3-character country ISO code
State [string] State 2-character state abbreviation
County [string] County
City [string] City
ZipCode [string] Postal Code 5-digit Zip Code or full Postal Code for Canadian addresses
BestMatch [bool] Best Match Flag indicating whether to return the best matches or only exact matches
  • true (default): Return the best matches
  • false: Return only exact matches
LimitResults [int] Limit Results Maximum number of results to return. Default is 100
NpaNxx [string] NPANXX Code The first 6 digits of a phone number. Use "*" on the end to get a range of values
Fips [string] Fips Code 10-digit USAF FIPS. Use "*" on the end to get a range of values


{  "CountryISO": "USA",  "State": "WA",  "County": "King",  "City": "Seattle",  "ZipCode": "98104",  "BestMatch": true,  "LimitResults": 10,  "NpaNxx": "206033",  "Fips": "5303303985",}