Test Your Integration

Checks whether the integration being used to set up this company and run transactions into this company is compliant to all requirements.

Step 1:

Select Enviroment

Step 2:

Enter Credentials

Step 3:

Select Company

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Step 4:

Viewing results for company:

A document has been voided

At least two committed documents

No GUID in a document code

No GUID in the customer code

A document has more than one document line

A document has a shipping charge

All documents have different description

Not all documents have the same tax code

There should be no repeated lines between documents

All the ItemCodes for documents cannot be the same

At least one document has an 'ExemptNo' or 'CustomerUsageType'

No documents have a tax DateOverride and negative LineAmount

A document has a location code

There should be at least two unique addresses in the documents