Chapter 5.3.5 - Geocode Result

Geocode Result

The geocodeResult object contains a list of geocoding results:

Key Value
ref [string] Reference ID Reference ID from the geocode request
cass [Address] CASS Address Information
cBlk [int] Census Block Group
cTrc [int] Census Tract
cnty [string] County
feat [int] Feature ID
fips [string] FIPS Code
inc [bool] Incorporated Indicates if the address is within city limits
  • true: The address is incorporated, meaning it is within city limits
  • false: The address in unincorporated (not in city limits)
jur [string] Taxing jurisdiction name
lat [double] Latitude
long [double] Longitude
pcd [int] PCode for the taxing jurisdiction
scr [double] Score A percentage, represented as a decimal, indicating the accuracy of the address match in the mapping database
err [string] Error message (if applicable)


[  {    "ref": "Address Request",    "cass": {      // Address    },    "cBlk": 2016,    "cTrc": 9300,    "cnty": "KING",    "feat": 2411856,    "fips": "5303363000",    "inc": true,    "jur": "SEATTLE",    "lat": 47.59826893144039,    "long": -122.33089769285252,    "pcd": 4133800,    "scr": 1  },  {    "ref": "Lat/Long Request",    "cBlk": 0,    "cTrc": 0,    "cnty": "DURHAM",    "feat": 2403521,    "fips": "3706319000",    "inc": true,    "jur": "DURHAM",    "lat": 35.991130741436415,    "long": -78.90267307450108,    "pcd": 2757800,    "scr": 0.9999689324056225  }]