Chapter 5.3.4 - Geocode Requests

Use Geo Batch for high-volume geocoding requests.

  • Upload a CSV containing your address or latitude/longitude geocoding requests
  • Download and export the results to your database

Geocode Requests

The geocodeRequests object contains a list of street addresses and/or latitude/longitude coordinate pairs to geocode within the GeocodeRequest object.

Geocode Request

The geocodeRequest object contains the input data to geocode:


Only address information or latitude/longitude coordinates can be provided in the request, but not both.

Key Value
ref [string] Reference ID
Optional Reference ID for the geocode request
cass [bool] CASS Validated Address
Indicates if the CASS validated address is desired in the results
  • true: Return the CASS validated address in the results
  • false: Do not return the CASS validated address
lat [double] Latitude
Latitude for geocoding based on lat/long coordinates
long [double] Longitude
Longitude for geocoding based on lat/long coordinates
addr [string] Street address
city [string] City name
st [string] State name or abbreviation
zip [string] Postal Code


    "ref": "Address Request",
    "cass": true,
    "addr": "255 S. King St.",
    "city": "Seattle",
    "st": "WA",
    "zip": "98104"
    "ref": "Lat/Long Request",
    "lat": 35.991130741436415,
    "long": -78.90267307450108