Chapter 4.1 - Client Profiles

What is a client profile?

A client profile allows you to customize how the AFC tax engine interprets a request and returns tax results. Customizations include:

  • Bundle
  • Exclusion
  • Tax Override
  • AFC Tax Engine configuration

Why use a client profile?

Reasons to use a client profile include:

  • Profiles are cached - this speeds up response times
  • Using a client profile eliminates including the same customization, such as a tax override, in each CalcTaxes request
    1. Request a client profile containing customization file(s) and configurations be added to your client
    2. Specify the client_profile_id in the header to apply the client profile to all requests run using that header
  • Multiple profiles can be applied to your client ID. Examples uses for multiple profiles include:
    • Separate configurations for different different types of transactions
    • Separate configurations for child companies
    • Testing new configurations
  • How to apply a client profile to a session

    When authenticating to Communications REST v2, pass the client profile ID in the header using client_profile_id.

    Postman example

    Add these headers to your request:
    • Authorization using basic HTTP authentication
    • client_id
    • Content-Type: application/json
    • client_profile_id

    How to run transactions without a profile

    REST v2 uses the system default profile when a profile is not specified.To send a transaction without a client profile, modify the header using one of these options:
    • Do not include client_profile_id
    • Set client_profile_id to "0"


    We recommend including client_profile_id, and setting the field to "0", in the header even if you are not using client profiles.

    Requesting a new client profile or changes to an existing client profile

    1. Request the customization files and configurations. Attach existing customization files to the email
    2. Include the environment(s)
    3. Include the client_profile_id to be updated if changes are needed to an existing client profile
    4. The client profiles could take up to 8 hours to become available once applied


    The system default profile is "0". Custom client profiles are numbered in sequential order, starting with client_profile_id "1".