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Chapter 4.2 - Account Customizations

The components of client profile account customizations are:

Customization Files

Customization files allow you to change how the AFC tax engine produces the results of your CalcTaxes request.

Customization files include:

Customization File Description File Extension How To Create
Bundle Bundles enable you to:
  1. Associate a group of transaction/service pairs with an offering
  2. Specify the percentage of the sale amount to be applied to each transaction/service pair

When taxes are calculated for bundled transactions, the appropriate taxes are calculated for each transaction/service associated with the transaction/service type defined for the bundle
.bdl AFC Manager (AFC Bundler component)
Exclusion Removes a jurisdiction from consideration as the taxing jurisdiction .exc AFC Manager
Override Used to modify tax rates for a specified jurisdiction, alter the tax logic (how or when the tax is applied) for a Transaction/Service pair, and add or remove taxes from a Transaction/Service pair .ovr AFC Manager (Rate and Logic Modifier (RLM) component)
Nexus Indicates the jurisdictions that require you to calculate Sales and Use (SAU) taxes .nex AFC Manager - Sales and Use Viewer

Configuration Options

Configuration options are used to modify the operation of the AFC tax engine.

Configuration Option Settings Description
Return Non-Billable
  • False
  • True
Non-billable taxes are compliance-only taxes or fees that are used for filing and are not passed on to your user. This option allows you to specify if non-billable items are included (Return Non-Billable is true) or excluded (Return Non-Billable is false) in the CalcTaxes response
Safe Harbor TAM Override(s)
  • Cellular
  • VoIP
  • Paging
Safe Harbor TAM Override configuration settings allow traffic study values to be applied to all transactions processed while using a client profile containing this configuration. The TAM values for Cellular, VoIP, and Paging are adjusted to reflect the percentages calculated in a traffic study

Requesting a new client profile or changes to an existing client profile

Contact CommunicationSupport@avalara.com:

  1. Request the customization files and configurations. Attach existing customization files to the email
  2. Include the environment(s)
  3. Include the client_profile_id to be updated if changes are needed to an existing client profile
  4. The client profiles could take up to 24 hours to become available once applied