Chapter 4.2 - Account Customizations

The components of client profile account customizations are:

Customization Files

Customization files allow you to change how the AFC tax engine produces the results of your CalcTaxes request.

Customization files include:

Customization File Description File Extension How To Create
Bundle Bundles enable you to:
  1. Associate a group of transaction/service pairs with an offering
  2. Specify the percentage of the sale amount to be applied to each transaction/service pair

When taxes are calculated for bundled transactions, the appropriate taxes are calculated for each transaction/service associated with the transaction/service type defined for the bundle
.bdl AFC Manager (AFC Bundler component)
Exclusion Removes a jurisdiction from consideration as the taxing jurisdiction .exc AFC Manager
Override Used to modify tax rates for a specified jurisdiction, alter the tax logic (how or when the tax is applied) for a Transaction/Service pair, and add or remove taxes from a Transaction/Service pair .ovr AFC Manager (Rate and Logic Modifier (RLM) component)
Nexus Indicates the jurisdictions that require you to calculate Sales and Use (SAU) taxes .nex AFC Manager - Sales and Use Viewer

Configuration Options

Configuration options are used to modify the operation of the AFC tax engine.

Configuration Option Settings Description
Return Non-Billable
  • False
  • True
Non-billable taxes are compliance-only taxes or fees that are used for filing and are not passed on to your user. This option allows you to specify if non-billable items are included (Return Non-Billable is true) or excluded (Return Non-Billable is false) in the CalcTaxes response
Safe Harbor TAM Override(s)
  • Cellular
  • VoIP
  • Paging
Safe Harbor TAM Override configuration settings allow traffic study values to be applied to all transactions processed while using a client profile containing this configuration. The TAM values for Cellular, VoIP, and Paging are adjusted to reflect the percentages calculated in a traffic study

Requesting a new client profile or changes to an existing client profile


  1. Request the customization files and configurations. Attach existing customization files to the email
  2. Include the environment(s)
  3. Include the client_profile_id to be updated if changes are needed to an existing client profile
  4. The client profiles could take up to 24 hours to become available once applied