Chapter 4.2.2 - Exclusion File

What is an Exclusion file?

The Exclusion file is a comma-delimited file used by Communications REST v2 to determine what states or countries should be excluded from consideration for taxation.

  • If a state is excluded, Federal taxes may still apply
  • If a country is excluded, no taxes are applied

The Exclusion file is made up of a list of countries or country and state pairs.

Creating the Exclusion file

The Exclusion file can be created manually. The file contains a list of comma-delimited abbreviated country and state pairs and Country ISOs. The country is always listed first, followed by the state (if applicable)Exclusion files use a *.exc file extension.


For this example, the Exclusion file contains these exclusions:

  • State of Kansas within the United States
  • Canada

Using the Exclusion file

The Exclusion file is applied to a client profile. You must pass the associated client_profile_id as part of the header to use the Exclusion file.Nothing special needs to be included in the transaction for the Exclusion file to be applied. Simply run a transaction with the applicable client_profile_id. Remove any instances of the Exclusion object (excl) that may be included in the transaction.For example, the Kansas taxes are excluded in this transaction, assuming a client profile is in use that has been updated with an Exclusion file excluding USA,KS.

{  "cmpn": {    "bscl": 1,    "svcl": 1,    "fclt": true,    "frch": true,    "reg": true  },  "inv": [    {      "bill": {        "ctry": "USA",        "st": "KS",        "cty": "Overland Park",        "zip": 66212      },      "cust": 1,      "date": "2018-09-24T11:00:00",      "itms": [        {          "chg": 100,          "line": 10,          "sale": 1,          "tran": 19,          "serv": 6        }      ]    }  ]}

Requesting a new client profile or changes to an existing client profile


  1. Request the customization files and configurations. Attach existing customization files to the email
  2. Include the environment(s)
  3. Include the client_profile_id to be updated if changes are needed to an existing client profile
  4. The client profiles could take up to 8 hours to become available once applied