Chapter 1.4 - Demo Application

Use the C# Communications REST v2 Demo Application to see how to integrate with and call the REST v2 API.

Download the Demo Application

  1. Navigate to the Avalara/Communications-Developer-Content repo on GitHub
  2. Clone the master branch of the Avalara/Communications-Developer-Content repository locally
  3. Extract the ZIP file contents and open the destination location
    1. Navigate to ..\Communications-Developer-Content-master\afc_saaspro_tax\afc_rest_apis\AfcRestDemoApp in the extracted folder
    2. Launch RestDemoApplication.exe

Run a Sample Transaction

  1. Enter your REST v2 Username, Password, and Client ID
  2. In Profile ID, enter:
    • client_profile_id to use an existing client profile (if applicable)
    • 0 to use the default profile
  3. Modify the Request or simply use the transaction provided
  4. Click Process to run the transaction

Run a Performance Test

  1. Navigate to the Performance tab
  2. Set Max Threads and Max Run Time
  3. Click Start to start a performance test

The results of the test are displayed within the Performance tab

Review the Source Code

Review the REST v2 Demo Application C# source code to prepare for integration</li>

  1. Open the Communications-Developer-Content-master folder
  2. Navigate to ..\Communications-Developer-Content-master\afc_saaspro_tax\afc_rest_apis\AfcRestDemoSource
  3. Open RestDemoApplication.sln in Microsoft Visual Studio

What if I don't use C#?

Additional samples for more languages are available in the Communications-Developer-Content repo.

  1. Open the Communications-Developer-Content-master folder
  2. Navigate to ..\Communications-Developer-Content-master\afc_saaspro_tax\afc_rest_apis
  3. Check out the samples in the folder for the language you need