Chapter 5.3.8 - Geo Batch Status

Geo Batch Status

The GeoBatchStatus object contains the Geo Batch Status information for an uploaded Geo Batch file:

Key Value
ProcessId [int] Process Id for Geo Batch file
RequestDate [datetime] Request Date
ProcessingStart [timestamp] Processing Start
ProcessingEnd [datetime] Processing End
Status [datetime] Status of the Geo Batch file
Downloads [GeoBatchDownloadResponse] Geo Batch Download Response
Contains download information about the input and output files
err [Error] Error
Contains information about any errors returned (as applicable)


  "ProcessId": 999999,
  "RequestDate": "2019-10-23T15:17:01.76",
  "ProcessingStart": "2019-10-23T15:17:06.383",
  "ProcessingEnd": "2019-10-23T15:17:06.837",
  "Status": "Completed",
  "Downloads": {
    // Geo Batch Download Response