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Chapter 5.6 - Tax Override

Tax Override

The TaxOverride object allows the user to change tax rates:

Key Value
loc [Location] required Override location information
There are several ways to input location information. See the Location section for more details.
scp [int] required Scope
Scope to which the override is applied: Country, State, County, or City
  • 0: Country
  • 1: State
  • 2: County
  • 3: City
tid [int] required Tax Type ID
Tax Type to override. For a list of Tax Type IDs, see the /api/v2/afc/taxtype/{taxType} endpoint.
lvl [int] required Tax Level ID
Tax Level to override.
  • 0: Federal
  • 1: State
  • 2: County
  • 3: City
lvlExm [bool] Level Exemptible
Indicates if the tax can be exempted using level exemptions.
  • true: Level Exemptible
  • false: Not Level Exemptible
brkt [TaxBracket] required List of tax brackets for the override


"ovr": [
    "loc": {
      // Location
    "scp": 1,
    "tid": 25,
    "lvl": 2,
    "lvlExm": true,
    "brkt": [
        // Tax Bracket