Chapter 5.1.5 - Location


The Location object contains information about a jurisdiction:

Key Value
cnty [string] County
  • Max length: 25 bytes
ctry [string] Country Name or ISO code
  • Max length: Unlimited (within reason)
int [bool] Incorporated Indicates if the location is within city limits and used to specify whether the customer involved in this transaction is inside or outside of the Local level designated as their location. The tax may or may not be affected by this flag, depending on whether the local level has taxes which apply to the transaction/service type pair
  • true: Address is within city limits
  • false: Address is outside of city limits (unincorporated) and results in no local taxes returned
geo [bool] Geocode Indicates if this address should be geocoded in order to obtain taxing jurisdiction
  • true: Use Geo lookup
  • false: Do not use Geo lookup
pcd [int] PCode Proprietary code returned from AFC Geo. PCodes provide the most accurate jurisdiction determination for calculating taxes with the AFC tax engine
npa [int] NPANXX The first 6 digits of a phone number
fips [string] FIPS code 10-digit USAF FIPS for taxing jurisdiction
  • Max length: 10 bytes
addr [string] Street Address
  • Max length: Unlimited (within reason)
city [string] City
  • Max length: Unlimited (within reason)
st [string] State State name or abbreviation
  • Max length: Unlimited (within reason)
zip [string] Postal Code Postal code in the format of 12345-6789 or A0A 1B1
  • Max length: 10 bytes

Locations can be specified with a...

Street Address

"bill": {  "ctry": "USA",  "addr": "11 West 53 Street",  "city": "Manhattan",  "st": "NY",  "zip": "10019"}

Geocoded Street Address

Geocoding doesn’t support PO Box address

"bill": {  "ctry": "USA",  "geo": true,  "addr": "11 West 53 Street",  "city": "Manhattan",  "st": "NY",  "zip": "10019"}

FIPS code

"to": {  "fips": "9902604301"}


"to": {  "npa": 212200}


"from": {  "pcd": 2604301}