Avalara Developer Network Developer communications

Chapter 5.4 - Location


The Location object contains information about a jurisdiction:

Key Value
cnty [string] County
ctry [string] Country ISO code
int [bool] Incorporated
Indicates if the location is within city limits.
  • true: Address is within city limits
  • false: Address is outside of city limits (unincorporated)
geo [bool] Geocode
Indicates if this address should be geocoded in order to obtain taxing jurisdiction.
  • true: Use Geo lookup
  • false: Do not use Geo lookup
pcd [int] PCode
Proprietary code returned from our AFC Geo service. PCodes provide the most accurate jurisdiction determination for calculating taxes with our engine.
npa [int] NPANXX
The first 6 digits of a phone number
fips [string] FIPS code
10-digit USAF FIPS for taxing jurisdiction
addr [string] Street Address
city [string] City
st [string] State
State name or abbreviation
zip [string] Postal Code

Locations can be specified with a...

Street Address

"bill": {
  "ctry": "USA",
  "addr": "11 West 53 Street",
  "city": "Manhattan",
  "st": "NY",
  "zip": "10019"

FIPS code

"to": {
  "fips": "9902604301"


"to": {
  "npa": 212200


"from": {
  "pcd": 2604301