Chapter 5.1.1 - CalcTaxes Request

The CalcTaxes Request

CalcTaxesRequest supports a list of invoices and override options. Actual limit varies depending on message size and your timeout values, but the standard recommendation is to process no more than 1,000 entries per request.

At the highest level, a CalcTaxes request is a JSON object comprised of the following:

Key Value
cfg [RequestConfig] Request Configuration

Request configuration option properties
cmpn [CompanyData] Company Data

Contains information about your company or the Seller
inv [Invoice] Invoice

Contains information about the transaction, including a list of line items to be taxed.
  • Limit 1,000 invoices per request
ovr [TaxOverride] Tax Override

Contains information about tax overrides you want to apply to the transaction
sovr [SafeHarborOverride] Safe Harbor Override

Contains information about safe harbor overrides you want to apply to the transaction


// Request Config
"cmpn": {
// Company Data
"inv": [
// Invoice
"ovr": [
// Override
"sovr": [
// Safe Harbor Override


We recommend using a client profile with an override file or configuration update included were possible. Using a client profile results in better performance from the Tax Engine because your override settings are cached before tax calculation begins.