Chapter 3.1 - Commit Request

Use these methods to commit and uncommit Document Codes:

Commit Endpoint

Endpoint Method Description Request Response
/api/v2/afc/commit POST Commits and Uncommits transactions. See Commit/Uncommit for more information. Commit Request Commit Response

The Commit Request

The Commit request is used to change the Commit flag (cmmt) for a given Document Code (doc). Let’s send a simple Commit call using Postman and inspect the results.


Add these mandatory headers to your request:

  • Authorization using basic HTTP authentication
  • client_id
  • Content-Type: application/json

Include the client_profile_id if you are using a client profile.

Postman Authorization Example

Postman Headers Example


For the body of the POST request, copy and paste this example:

"doc": "DocumentCode12345",
"cmmt": true,
"opt": [
"key": 1,
"val": "Optional value"

What are we sending?

  1. Document Code (doc) "DocumentCode12345"
  2. A request to commit Document Code "DocumentCode12345" by setting the Commit flag (cmmt) to true
    • true commits all transactions with Document Code (doc) – “DocumentCode12345” in this example
    • false uncommits all transactions with Document Code (doc)
  3. Optional information about the Commit request using the Key Value Pair (opt) object


The Commit response contains a confirmation of success or failure:

"ok": true
  • true indicates that the Document Code (doc) has been committed or uncommitted successfully (depending on the value of the Commit flag (cmmt))
  • false indicates an error - details are contained in the Error response object