Chapter 4.1.3 - Input Address

Input Address

The InputAddress object contains the address information to geocode:

Key Value
CassCertify [bool] Cass Certify
Indicates if CASS validation should be performed
  • true: CASS Validation is attempted
  • false: CASS validation is bypassed, unless the address is in Florida where CASS validation is always performed
City [string] City
City name
Use in conjunction with State and Zip to replace CityStateZip
CityStateZip [string] City, State, and Zip
City, state, and Zip code in a single line
Use in place of individual City, State, and Zip fields
MinimumScore [double] Minimum Score
  • Specifies the minimum score that identifies the resulting address as a match
  • Value between 0 and 1, inclusive
  • Default is 0.7
Offset [double] Offset
  • Distance in meters at which the resulting location is offset from the side of the link
  • Default is 3
Options [int] Options
Bit mask of additional options to use when matching addresses
SecondaryUnit [string] Secondary Unit
A part of the street address - an apartment, suite, or other unit type in USPS Publication 28
Source [string] Source
Leave blank - Internal use only
State [string] State
2-character state abbreviation
Use in conjunction with City and Zip to replace CityStateZip
StreetAddress [string] Street Address
Contains the street number, street name, and optional unit number. Typically starts with a numeric street number
Zip [string] Zip Code
Zip code
Use in conjunction with City and State to replace CityStateZip


Using Combined City, State, Zip

    <CityStateZip>Seattle,WA 98104</CityStateZip>
    <StreetAddress>255 South King St</StreetAddress>

Individual City, State, Zip

    <StreetAddress>255 South King St</StreetAddress>