Chapter 2.1.1 - Options

The Options field (Options) in address geocoding is a bitwise combination of additional options to use when matching addresses in the street database.

How to use

The Options field uses a bitwise combination of values. Set Options to the option you want to use. Add the values together to enable multiple options. For example, to enable the return of Special Tax Jurisdictions (bitwise value 16) and Census IDs (bitwise value 32), set Options (Options) to 48 (16+32).

Options Bitwise Values

Options Bitwise Value Name Description
1 Street Number Snapping (Number Out Of Range) AFC Geo SaaS Pro Soap finds the location with the closest street number and returns that as a match. Street Number Snapping is helpful when an incorrect street number has been entered or the location is in a new development and has not been incorporated into the street database yet. Street Number Snapping does not significantly affect the performance of the system

We recommend that you don't enable Street Number Snapping unless no results are returned because an incorrect street number is normally returned when the street link is fully defined
2 Postal Code Centroid The center of the postal code area is returned if no match is found

We recommend that you don't enable Postal Code Centroid unless no results are returned because the returned location has no relationship to the input address other than the input and resulting addresses both being in the same Zip code. It is also possible that the taxing jurisdiction is incorrect
8 Return Zip+4 Causes the Postal Code extension field to be populated with the Zip+4 value

This option has been deprecated. The Zip+4 value is always returned even if the 8 bitwise value is not included in the Options total
16 Return Special Tax Jurisdictions Special Tax Jurisdiction is returned if there is a special tax jurisdiction that applies to the returned location
32 Return Census IDs Returns Census information (Block Group ID (CensusBlockGroup and Tract ID CensusTract)
256 Return Building Zip Code Returns the Zip code specific to a building if it is different than the street address