Chapter 2.1.2 - CASS Validation

AFC Geo SaaS Pro Soap can return a Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) certified address. CASS certification is the process of normalizing addresses to USPS Publication 28 standards and validating the address against current USPS AMS-II data. All address elements are verified as well as adding ZIP code, ZIP+4, carrier route, delivery point and barcode detail. You may be eligible for discounted postal rates if using CASS certified addresses.


All Florida addresses are automatically CASS validated no matter the value of CassCertify.

CASS Validation uses the AES MailStar CASS Certified address validation application. Set CassCertify to turn the validation on or off:

  • true: Runs the validation on the input address and populates the CassAddress property of the GeocodeAddressResult instances returned if the validation is successful
  • false: Validation is bypassed, unless the address is in Florida - CASS validation is always performed on Florida addresses