Chapter 4.2.5 - Cass Address

Cass Address

The CassAddress object contains the CASS validated data:

Key Value
Address [ArrayOfstring] Address
Contains the CASS certified address in a string array with as many lines of text as required by the standard way of printing the address on an envelope
AddressLine [string] AddressLine
Street address portion of the CASS address
AddressQualityFlags [string] Address Quality Flags
USPS-assigned Address Quality Flags. Refer to Appendix B - Address Quality Flags in the Mail*STAR Users Guide for more information about Address Quality Flags
CarrierRoute [string] Carrier Route
Postal carrier route for the CASS address
City [string] City
USPS-preferred city name
CityStateZip [string] City, State, and Zip
Comma-separated city, state, and Zip code (Zip code and Zip+4 (if present) are hyphen-separated)
CountyCode [int] County Code
Standard USPS US County code for the CASS address
DeliveryPointValidation [string] Delivery Point Validation
Delivery location - verifies that the CASS address has USPS delivery
EnhancedLineOfTravel [string] Enhanced Line Of Travel
Position of the CASS address in the carrier route walk sequence
Reliability [double] Reliability
Indicates the closeness of the match between a location address and USPS standards (value between 0 and 1)
State [string] State
2-character state abbreviation
USPSBarCode [string] USPS Bar Code
12-number bar code used for pre-sorting
Zip [string] Zip code
5-digit Zip code
Zip4 [string] Zip code extension
4-digit Zip code extension

If empty: the address is not CASS certified and may not be deliverable by the Post Office


    <Address xmlns:b="">
        <string>512 S MANGUM ST</string>
        <string>DURHAM, NC  27701-3973</string>
    <AddressLine>512 S MANGUM ST</AddressLine>
    <CityStateZip>DURHAM, NC  27701-3973</CityStateZip>