Chapter 2 - Geocode

The input to AFC Geo SaaS Pro Soap is either an address or a latitude/longitude coordinate pair. Indicate in address geocoding if USPS CASS Validation should be performed - setting CassCertify to true ensures the most accurate address.

AFC Geo primarily uses NavTeq map data to return one or more locations from the street databases, providing you details about the location (such as PCode and Special Tax Jurisdiction information) and a confidence score. Census Block (CensusBlockGroup) and Census Tract (CensusTract) data is available in the geocoding results (use Options bitwise value 32 to request the census data).

AFC Geo Viewer

Use AFC Geo Viewer for US address verification and assignment of tax jurisdictions through the input of a street address or a latitude and longitude coordinate pair. AFC Geo Viewer is accessible on the Geo Viewer page of the AFC Customer Portal.