Chapter 5.5.7 - Set Tax Exclusion Request

Set Tax Exclusion Request

The setTaxExclusionRequest object allows the user to specify exclusions for a client profile:

Key Value
Exclusion [ClientProfileExclusion] Client Profile Exclusions
List of exclusions
ProfileConfigId [int] Profile Configuration Id
Profile configuration id to be used when updating an existing profile. Use null for a new configuration
LinkProfileIds [List<int>] Link Profile Ids
Profile Id(s) to be added to the configuration. Use null to not change profiles associated with the configuration settings
UnlinkProfileIds [List<int>] Unlink Profile Ids
Profile Id(s) to be removed from the configuration. Use null to not change profiles associated with the configuration settings
ClientId [int] Client Id
Client Id associated with the configuration. Default Client Id for the current user is used if set to null
Deactivate [bool] Deactivate
Indicates if the configuration should be deactivated. Automatically removes any profile mappings associated with the configuration
  • true: Deactivate the configuration. Requires a valid ProfileConfigId to be provided
  • false: Configuration isn't deactivated
Description [string] Description
Description to be applied to requested configuration
AllProfiles [bool] All Profiles
Indicates whether the configuration applies to all profiles. Configurations linked directly to specific profiles override this flag. Only one type of customization (configuration, bundle, exclusion, override) can be set to AllProfiles = true
  • true: Apply the configuration to all profiles
  • false: Apply the configuration to the specified LinkProfileIds
ReplaceExistingLinks [bool] Replace Existing Links
Indicates if the existing configuration links to the profile should be replaced. Only applies when one or more profiles have been specified to be linked.
  • true: Replace existing links. Mapping conflicts are resolved by removing other links
  • false: Don't replace existing links. Mapping conflicts cause the request to fail with an error returned


  "Exclusions": [
      // Client Profile Exclusions
  "ProfileConfigId": 14,
  "LinkProfileIds": [
    1, 2, 3
  "UnlinkProfileIds": [
    4, 5, 6
  "ClientId": 999,
  "Deactivate": false,
  "Description": "Sample Set Exclusion Description",
  "AllProfiles": false,
  "ReplaceExistingLinks": true