Invalid TaxOverride - EZTax failed to insert the override

Error Description

The Tax Type field (tid) is set to an invalid value in Tax Override (ovr). You can only override taxes that exist for the jurisdiction (loc) requested, at the tax level (lvl) specified.


  "err": [
      "code": -1011,
      "msg": "Invalid TaxOverride: {\"loc\":{\"ctry\":\"USA\",\"pcd\":2757800,\"st\":\"NC\",\"zip\":\"27701\"},\"scp\":3,\"tid\":999,\"lvl\":0,\"lvlExm\":true,\"brkt\":[{\"rate\":0.0,\"max\":2147483647.0}]} - EZTax failed to insert the override.."

How to Resolve

Ensure that the Tax Type (tid) applies to the Location (loc) and tax level (lvl) specified in the Tax Override (ovr).

For more information, see Tax Override.