DiscountType is invalid

Error Description

The DiscountType field (disc) is set to an invalid enumerator in the line item (itms).


{  "err": [    {      "code": -2000,      "msg": "DiscountType is invalid."    }  ]}

How to Resolve

Ensure that DiscountType (disc) in LineItem (itms) is set to a valid selection:

  • 0 None
  • 1 Retail Product: An amount subtracted from the original price to arrive at a lower price
  • 2 Manufacturer Product: A discount of the total amount reimbursed to either the retailer or the customer by the manufacturer
  • 3 Account Level: A stand-alone discount that is not applied against any service but instead as a stand-alone product
  • 4 Subsidized: A discount caused exclusively in telephone service where the telephone provider provides a service to a lifeline eligible customer. The discount will be on the local exchange service
  • 5 Goodwill: The total discount of a service that is recorded for accounting purposes but never billed to a customer

For more information, see Adjustments.