Chapter 4.4.3 - Geocoding Options

AvaTax for Communications offers two ways to geocode address and latitude/longitude coordinates:


The Jurisdiction Determination endpoint returns a list of geocoded results based on one or more address or latitude/longitude coordinate pairs submitted through the API.

Use Geo REST when:

  • You need quick, on-demand responses for individual addresses or latitude/longitude combinations

Geo Batch

Geo Batch accepts an input address or latitude/longitude file and returns a link to an output file containing the geocoded results.

  • Upload a CSV containing your address or latitude/longitude geocoding requests
  • Download and export the results to your database
  • View the logs related to the processing of a file

When to use Geo Batch:

  • You have a high volume of address or latitude/longitude geocoding requests
  • You perform bill runs on a regular basis
  • You are interested in importing your response file into a spreadsheet or a database
  • A backup of the input and output data is needing to be stored in the AvaTax for Communications platform
  • An immediate response for your batch files isn't needed


A UI-based version of Geo Batch is available for use as well via the Communications Customer Portal. This UI-based Geo Batch is useful when you have one or two CSV files to submit at a time and no need to automate the process, such as during testing.