Chapter 4.4.2 - all_adr Jurisdiction Determination

Avalara Communications provides the all_adr.txt file to help you identify the proper PCode for the taxing jurisdiction.

  • Updated monthly with the latest jurisdictions, PCodes, and Postal Code ranges
  • Contains all valid PCodes
  • File download available from the Customer Portal Downloads page
    • Download and open the .zip folder related to your product
    • all_adr.txt is available in the txt or db folder (depending on the package) within the zip folder
  • Load all_adr.txt into a local database to easily search for the taxing jurisdiction and related PCode

all_adr.txt Format

The all_adr.txt file is a comma-delimited ASCII file with the following columns:

  • PCode
  • Primary flag
    • 0: Alternate jurisdiction
    • 1: Primary jurisdiction
  • Country
  • State
  • County
  • City or local jurisdiction (such as a Special Tax Jurisdiction)
  • Postal Code range start
  • Postal Code range end

all_adr.txt Sample

3347000,0,USA,PA,LANCASTER,BIRD IN HAND,17505,17505
3347600,0,USA,PA,LANCASTER,EAST EARL,17519,17519

Using all_adr.txt

Search the all_adr.txt file for the taxing jurisdiction with as much detail as possible. For example, search all_adr for some of these strings to find a PCode:

  • ,10003
  • ,Los Angeles,

Use the PCode associated with the taxing jurisdiction once it is located.

If searching the comma-delimited file instead of a database table, it helps to include the commas to avoid finding a PCode instead of a Postal Code, for example. When searching just for a Postal Code, consider that the Postal Code may be contained within a range and may not be listed separately.