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Chapter 6.4 - Reconcile Your Transactions

Reconcile Transactions

If you used a fallback tax type and tax rate for a transaction, you must reconcile the transaction after your application comes back online. Temporary transactions such as uncommited tax estimates do not need to be reconciled. Send all transactions that used cache tax data to REST v2 so that they are available in the Customer Portal Data Explorer and for compliance reports.

Duplicate Transactions

Review all transactions processed during the time of the outage to confirm that a transaction is only accounted for once. The transactions and related tax data can be reconciled by reviewing reports and tax data using the Customer Portal Data Explorer.

When a transaction is included more times than expected:

  • Use the Commit endpoint to uncommit the duplicate Document Code (doc) and commit only the final Document Code
  • Reprocess duplicate transactions using a new unique Document Code (doc) and commit this final Document Code
  • Run adjustment transactions (adj = true) to negate the duplicate amounts