Chapter 5.1.11 - Bridge Data

Bridge Data

The BridgeData object allows the user to specify conference bridge settings.


The BridgeData functionality is still in beta. Contact for more information.

Key Value
proc [bool] Process Invalid Participant
Indicates if invalid participants should fail the transaction or continue processing
  • true: Continue processing the transaction on an invalid participant
  • false: Abort transaction processing on an invalid participant
rtrn [bool] Return Participant Taxes
Indicates if the individual participant taxes should be included in the response
  • true: Return an array of individual participant taxes
  • false: Individual participant taxes should not be included in the returned tax data
prts [BridgeParticipant] Conference Bridge Participant information


"brdg": {
  "proc": true,
  "rtrn": true,
  "prts": [
      // Bridge Participant