Chapter 1.2 - Endpoints and Methods


AFC Geo SaaS Pro Soap has two sets of endpoints:

  1. Binding set ending in /2.0 returns exceptions when problems are encountered - we recommend using these endpoints so that you can properly handle any exceptions
  2. Binding set not ending in /2.0 returns a NULL when problems are encountered

Web Service Methods

Method Description Request Response
GeocodeAddress Accepts a single address as input and returns a single address in the street database that best matches the input data GeocodeAddress GeocodeAddressResponse
GeocodeAllMatches Accepts a single address as input and returns all addresses in the street database that matches the input data GeocodeAllMatches GeocodeAllMatchesResponse
GeocodeLatLong Accepts the latitude and longitude of a location as input and returns jurisdiction information only (not complete addresses) GeocodeLatLong GeocodeLatLongResponse
GetServerTime Returns current time on the web server in UTC GetServerTime GetServerTimeResponse