Avalara Developer Network Developer communications

Chapter 5.2 - Company Data

Company Data

The CompanyData object contains information about your company:

Key Value
bscl [int] Business Class
  • 0: Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC)
  • 1: Not an ILEC
svcl [int] Service Class
  • 0: Primary Local
  • 1: Primary Long Distance
fclt [bool] Facilities
  • true: Seller is facilities based (cable operators and telephone companies)
  • false: Seller is not facilities based (Internet based providers)
frch [bool] Franchise
  • true: Seller has a franchise agreement
  • false: Franchise taxes do not apply to the seller
reg [bool] Regulated
  • true: Seller is regulated
  • false: Seller is not regulated
excl [Exclusion] optional Exclusions
This is an array of Exclusion objects that identify states/provinces/territories where your company is excluded from collecting taxes. For increased performance, we suggest using a Client Profile with an Exclusion file applied.
idnt [string] optional Company Identifier
This is a 20 byte alphanumeric field that represents your company or, if you are a third-party billing provider, could represent one of your clients.


"cmpn": {
    "bscl": 0,
    "svcl": 0,
    "fclt": true,
    "frch": false,
    "reg": true,
    "excl": [
        "ctry": "USA",
        "st": "CO",
        "excl": true
    "idnt": "Test Company 1"