Avalara Developer Network Developer communications

Chapter 1.3 - Environment and Endpoints


There are two environments available to you, Sandbox and Production:


Endpoint Description
/api/v2/afc/calctaxes POST Performs tax calculation on invoices.
/api/v2/afc/commit POST Commits and Uncommits transactions. See Commit/Uncommit for more information.
/api/v2/geo/geocode POST Geocodes one or more street addresses or lat/long coordinates.
/api/v2/afc/serviceinfo GET Server time, build version, and tax engine version.
/api/v2/afc/taxtype/{taxType} GET Tax description and category for a tax type ID.
Use "*" as a wildcard for all tax types.
/api/v2/afc/tspairs GET Transaction/Service (T/S) Pair information.
/api/v2/afc/location/{pcode} GET Location data associated with a specific PCode.
/api/v2/afc/primary/{pcode} GET Similar to the endpoint above, but works as a "best match." Returns location info for the primary jurisdiction associated with the specified PCode.