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VIDEO: Nexus In an earlier video, we covered how your organization’s tax profile is determined. Now, let’s explore the concept of nexus. What exactly is nexus, you may ask? Nexus is most simply defined as the areas where your organization is required to collect sales tax. To better understand this core tax concept, watch the video above. We guarantee you’ll be a nexus expert in no time!

What's My Tax Profile?

VIDEO: What’s My Tax Profile? Before using the AvaTax API, there are a few basic sales tax principles you need to understand. First and foremost is your organization’s tax profile, which is comprised of three key components: Where your organization is required to collect sales tax, a principle known as nexus The customers your organization exempts from sales tax The specific tax rates for the products and services your organization sells Watch the short video above to get a quick, basic understanding of how your organization’s tax profile is determined.

Sales Tax Got You Down? Avalara’s API Is the Answer.

Sales tax is complex and getting more complex. For example - when is a bagel taxable or tax-free? What is the threshold for taxing clothing and in what jurisdictions is it subject to tax? How do you keep up with all the changes occurring to sales tax laws? What’s the best way to handle that complexity and save your organization from expensive and damaging tax audits? Our answer? The Avalara API. The API provides comprehensive tax coverage, fast performance, strong developer support and is highly customizable. To learn more about why you should use a sales tax API, download our...

How to Validate Addresses

Calculating sales tax? Ditch the ZIPs and get rooftop-level accuracy with Avalara’s API! Valid addresses are a critical component of accurate tax calculation. I know what you’re thinking – I have the ZIP code, isn’t that enough? Not really. Why? ZIP codes are generally too broad for tax determination because zones are set at the federal level for mail delivery. State and local tax authorities often use other criteria for bounding their tax jurisdictions, such as a special stadium or restaurant tax district. So, what’s the best way to ensure your organization has up-to-date, roof-top accurate addresses? An API. The...

How to Get Tax

Boots, belts and bagels — which ones are tax-free? Here’s how to find out using Avalara’s sales tax API! You need to calculate sales tax, but it’s complicated stuff. In Indiana, marshmallows are taxed but marshmallow cream is not. In Texas, boots, belts, and hats are tax-free, but belt buckles are taxed. And in New York, bagels are tax-free, unless, of course, they are sliced. Oh, but it gets worse. Adding to the already insane complexity, the same address can be subject to multiple tax jurisdictions with different rates for different items in your shipment. Calculating sales tax accurately is...

AvaTax API 18.5 Patch Notes

This article is about the May 2018 monthly update to the AvaTax API. Environment URL Release Date Sandbox https://sandbox-rest.avatax.com 2018-05-15 Production https://rest.avatax.com 2018-05-29 Weekly Office Hours Webinar The AvaTax API team hosts a weekly developer webinar where you can meet and talk to the developers directly. If you would like to ask questions about this release, please sign up and join us for a lively discussion of the AvaTax API. Sandbox Testing Window The AvaTax release schedule includes a preview period where the latest software is available for integration testing in the AvaTax Sandbox Environment two weeks before launching to...

AvaTax Python SDK now available!

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Python is said to be the “fastest-growing” programming language, and it is constantly growing in areas such as machine learning and data analysis. For those Avalara REST V2 customers using Python, we have published an official AvaTax SDK on PyPI, the official platform for open source Python project! This SDK is already configured with all the code and logic you need to get started incorporating tax calculation into your application, and it can greatly speed up your development cycle. For today’s article, I’ll walk you through the process of adding our Python SDK to your python project. Installing the SDK...

Florida Split Tax Feature for Discretionary SurTax

Struggling with the Florida Discretionary Sales Tax over your multiple invoices? AvaTax can help! We all know tax is complicated, but when you add in the Florida Discretionary Sales Surtax, it becomes even more complex. Add in needing to have this surtax split over multiple invoices and you’ve got a real headache on your hands. Let us help you with that! With AvaTax Florida Split Tax Feature, you can utilize the purchaseOrderNo field to accomplish this. To make this work you will need to import a set of custom rules into your account that allows this logic to work. If...

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