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Anya Stettler, Avalara AvaTax API Support Specialist Watch API support specialist Anya Stettler show how to use our REST API to make a successful tax call to the Avalara service.

Developing With Sales Tax: Should I Tax It?

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This is the second of three posts aimed at giving developers a basic understanding of the complexities of sales tax. Developing With Sales Tax: What’s The Rate? Should I Tax It? I Taxed It: Now What? Before you apply a sales tax rate, you need to know the status of the seller, the product and the buyer. In the previous post, we learned why you want to use geolocation to get an accurate tax rate. But getting the right tax rate doesn’t help you if you don’t know whether or not the rate applies to the transaction. There are three...

REST API Makes AvaTax Integration Easy

With any third party integration two things are absolutely essential – an easy and reliable API platform, and knowledgeable, responsive tech staff to help with the integration.  I’m glad to say, Avalara’s AvaTax REST system provides both! -Early integrator AvaTax gives you fast and up-to-date sales tax calculation based on geo-location (which kicks ZIP code calculation’s ass). So you get the most accurate sales tax calculation possible anywhere in the 11,000+ North American tax jurisdictions. Our REST API provides the power of Avalara’s calculation engine to your application. Three advantages of using our REST API, which supports both JSON and...

Developing With Sales Tax: What's the Rate?

This is the first of three posts aimed at giving developers a basic understanding of options for implementing a sales tax solution. Developing With Sales Tax: What's The Rate? Should I Tax It? I Taxed It: Now What? If you’re building or installing an application to process U.S. transactions, odds are that you’ll need to account for a sales tax rate. At the minimum you’ll need to identify a target tax location, and then look up a rate for that location. Looking up rates is fairly simple. The tricky part can be finding the location. Here are the five ways...

Welcome to Avalara's Developer Network

Hi there. Welcome to Avalara’s new developer network. You’ll find API documentation, and the seeds of a developer community that will include video, forums and lots more to come.

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