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Take a REST for sales tax: Easy and free tax rates for developers

Tax compliance is challenging, and static tax rate tables are a common place to start looking for answers. Manually updating tax rates from a file is inefficient, though, and tax rates may change at any time – not just once per month. This is the perfect use case for a REST API, so that’s what we built. Our new Tax Rates API makes it easy to get the most current and accurate tax rate in your software. And it’s completely free. REST API After signing-up for a free API key, our REST API design makes it easy to start retrieving rates...

Documenting APIs (with cats) by Anya Stettler

Anya delivered a thought provoking topic about Documenting APIs and it’s best practices (with the help of some cats) at API World recently to some rave reviews. Anthony Alfidi was in the audience during her talk and wrote a recap on his blog and had this to say: Anya Stettler from Avalara had one of the best talks I've ever seen at a tech conference, hands down.  Her tips on documenting APIs walked through examples of technical references, code snippets, tutorials, and live interactive formats that keep developers excited about an API.  Check out her presentation on SlideShare, because it's too good to...

Anya Stettler speaking at DataWeek + API World 2014

We’re excited to announce that Anya Stettler, Sr. Developer Relations Engineer with Avalara, will be speaking at DataWeek + API World 2014 Conference & Expo (Sept 15-17), San Francisco’s largest Data + API conference of 2014 - where you can attend 100+ talks and interact with 200+ new data & API technologies! Come see Anya's talk: Documenting APIs: Sample Code and More Tues. Sept. 16th @ 4:00pm DataWeek + API World are offering our community a free OPEN pass to the event! Your OPEN pass will get you into all OPEN talks across the DataWeek conference (see schedule) and the API...

Avalara AvaTax with Stripe.js

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The new AvaTax.js library makes it easy to calculate taxes with browser-based shopping carts and other web commerce environments – providing real-time tax calculation results during the checkout process. Those accurate, on-demand tax calculations can be consumed at time of checkout, allowing you to display the results to your shoppers or use them in your payment processing. This diagram is a typical process flow for an E-commerce scenario. Let’s take a look at an easy example where AvaTax.js can be used in conjunction with Stripe.js to calculate tax and create a payment authorization token. You’ll need to include the core...

AvaTax.js sample posted!

There’s a new sample posted for folks working in JavaScript! This sample uses a server-side PHP proxy to call the service, making it easier to calculate accurate taxes and record documents from browser checkout environments. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Avalara Avatax REST SDK for iOS now available!

If you’re building mobile related retail applications or extensions to your ERP/Ecommerce platforms on iOS for the iPhone or iPad, then you’re in luck. We just completed the iOS Software Development Kit that allows you to easily connect to Avalara’s Avatax API. The SDK comes as a static library that you can link to your iOS projects. For REST de/serialization, we’ve used a 3rd party library called JSONModel which simplifies data transformation from object model to JSON (and back). We’ve included that into the project as well as the full source code under the Apache 2.0 license. You can download...

Prompting users for certificate information with the AvaTax Certs API

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The AvaTax Certs product is a stand-alone exemption certificate management product that can be used in conjunction with the AvaTax Calc product. The Certs product allows a company to track exempt customers, initiate automated correspondence to request certificate information from those customers, and track and manage the resulting exemption certificates. All valid certificates created/recorded in the AvaTax Certs product sync over to the AvaTax Calc product as well - once a customer has a valid exemption certificate in Certs, they will automatically be tax exempt for your tax calculations. There is a RESTful API to interact with the AvaTax Certs...

Introduction to the Avalara AvaTax API

Anya Stettler has put together a nice video overview of the Avalara AvaTax API. It’s a great place to start learning the details you’ll need for a good integration. To find out more about the business use cases and features you should be thinking about, check out our Integration Checklist.

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