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CertCapture REST API Part II

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Creating a Certificate Today I would like to demonstrate how with one POST call to the CertCapture REST API, you can do the following: Create a Document Send it for validation Associate an Exempt Reason Associate an Exposure Zone Create a Customer Associate that new Customer with the new Certificate The payload: You can access a text file containing the payload here. The Result: Certificate: Validation List: Customer: Validation Screen: The breakdown pages[0]= This is an attribute you can pass a base64 url encoded string to, to convert it into a PDF document. You can even pass multiple pages to...

CertCapture REST API Part I

Relationships and Filtering Today I wanted to discuss two pieces of the CertCapture v2 REST API that are important to any customers of CertCapture who wish to consume our API and critical to any developers who wish to build anything fancy with our available functionality. Managing Relationships and Saving Related Data The CertCapture API can save or attach related data whenever you do a POST or PUT request. The way the save is handled is based off what type of relationship occurs between the data. Associating Related Data If you wish to save or associate some related data via an...