AvaTax API 17.8 Patch Notes
By Ted Spence | Sep 05, 2017

This article is about the August 2017 monthly update to the AvaTax REST v2 API.

Environment URL Release Date
Sandbox https://sandbox-rest.avatax.com 2017-09-06
Production https://rest.avatax.com 2017-09-07

Exemption Certificates in AvaTax

The August release of AvaTax will include a major improvement - exemption certificate functionality is now fully built into AvaTax! Developers are now free to create customers, record exemption certificates, download preview images, present customers with a custom web-based certificate data entry page, and check a customer's exemption status before processing a transaction.

This functionality takes up too much space to cover in the patch notes - please be on the lookout for a series of articles explaining how to use the exemption certificate functionality starting the second week of September!

Improvements to Onboarding API

Avalara partners that use the Onboarding API to integrate with customers should see major improvements this month. For more information, please contact your business development representative.

TaxContent API Improvements

The TaxContent API has been extended to support custom tax rules and multiple tax rate records.

Support for E-Waste Fees

AvaTax can now support tax calculation for electronic waste disposal! For example, to calculate E-Waste fees for a 60" television, please call the CreateTransaction API with the following parameters:

  "lines": [
      "amount": 699.95,
      "taxCode": "PC090200",
      "description": "60 inch Television",
      "parameters": {
        "AvaTax.Recycle.ScreenSize": "60",
        "FirstUse": "true"
  "type": "SalesInvoice",
  "companyCode": "DEFAULT",
  "date": "2017-09-05",
  "customerCode": "ABC",
  "addresses": {
    "singleLocation": {
      "city": "Vancouver",
      "region": "BC",
      "country": "CA",
      "postalCode": "V5Y 1V4"

In the results, you will see a new tax appear with details of the eWaste fee:

  "taxType": "EWaste",
  "taxName": "BRITISH COLUMBIA Electronics Recycling - Desktop Computers",
<h3>Reporting API</h3>

<p>Over the next few months, AvaTax will begin releasing functionality to generate reports directly using the AvaTax API.  Previously, these reports were only available via the <a href="https://admin-avatax.avalara.net">AvaTax website</a>.</p>
<h3>Other Bugfixes and Improvements</h3>

<ul class="normal">
    <li>Additional performance improvements</li>
    <li>TaxNotices display the correct totalRemit value even when updated multiple times</li>
    <li>The API to provision new accounts will tolerate misspellings of subscriptions when the ID is also provided</li>
    <li>Fixed unhandled error in the API to approve filing calendar changes for location-based reporting</li>
    <li>Corrected some typos in the documentation and error messages</li>
    <li>Fixed pagination of returns data APIs when using Top and Skip</li>
    <li>Addresses in the CreateTransaction API are de-duplicated for performance reasons</li>
    <li>Improved and updated developer documentation</li>
    <li>Swagger files for AvaTax REST now pass validation using Swagger 2.0</li>
    <li>Fixed unhandled exception when trying to create a user for a closed account</li>

<p>-- Ted Spence, Director, AvaTax Core Engine</p>