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New Site!

Frequent visitors to the site may have noticed some big changes this week! With the resources of Avalara’s Incubator team, we’ve launched a brand new site that offers a number of great improvements.

  1. Jekyll. With the old site, we were managing site plugins and platform-specific integrations. This was slowing us down, and slowing down the site. The new site is based on a static page generator, Jekyll, which allows us to manage things more easily and to load pages faster.

  2. Open source all the docs: Jekyll runs off of a series of markdown files, which we’ve made public on GitHub. Now, if you see a typo, or want to offer a clarification, you can send us a pull request to change any page of the site.

  3. Super cool API Reference pages: The API reference on the site are now based on publicly available OAPI (fka Swagger) descriptions of those APIs (even the SOAP ones!). This bases the documentation structure on the same thing as the code, meaning there’s less opportunity for them to diverge.

  4. Try it now consoles: You can now try the AvaTax and LandedCost APIs without even signing up for an account. In the API reference, each section has a ‘try it now’ feature, where you can hit the live service and see what kind of results you’ll get back. This is a great opportunity to try an operation before you start getting deep into development.

I hope you like the new look and feel of the site, and let us know your feedback!

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