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Loke as in Joke


Hi! My name is Loke (pronounced as in Joke but with an “L”).  I work with Anya and Greg in Avalara’s Developer Relations team. We’re the team that will be here for you when you need help making sense of Sales Tax and getting your software connected to our services.

In my past life, I’ve spent a decade working at Microsoft  in the Windows Mobile/Phone, Developer Evangelism and Robotics divisions. If you search hard enough, you’ll probably find lots of videos, demos and talks that I’ve done in the past. You’ll also find many videos of me enjoying my hobby of competitive pistol shooting. It is a real stress reliever and much akin to golf, although I do hate golf; much too slow and there’s too much walking around for my liking.

Our team will be really active this year around the conference, hackathon & local meet-up scene, so when you see us, please come by and say Hi! we’d love to chat and find out what you’re doing with code and how you’re helping to <cliche>change the world. </cliche>

Here are the usual social media hangouts that I frequent : Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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