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Anya Stettler

I’m Anya Stettler, and as someone who has been lurking around for a while, I’ve been tasked with finally introducing myself for real. I do a little of this, a little of that, and a whole lot of documenting the AvaTax APIs. I’ve shown up from time to time in our videos and on this site, and more and more out in the world. In general, I like organizing information and pictures of cats, so when I can combine those two I consider it a job well done.

I joined Avalara just under six years ago as part of support, and have been doing documentation and support for our developers for more than half of that time. I remember when our documentation was a 35-page PDF, lo these many years ago! More recently, I’ve been working on external sample code and internal tools, and I’ve had the opportunity to speak at some pretty cool events. I’ll be speaking at GlueCon in a couple weeks, so come check out my talk! I haven’t written the whole thing yet, but don’t worry, there will be lots of cat pictures. If you missed the link above and want to be wowed by a talk that is complete, check out my presentation on Documenting APIs (with Cats) from APIStrat.

I’ll be posting here regularly on the second Tuesday of the month, so keep an eye out for future topics!

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