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Documenting APIs (with cats) by Anya Stettler

Anya delivered a thought provoking topic about Documenting APIs and it’s best practices (with the help of some cats) at API World recently to some rave reviews.

Anthony Alfidi was in the audience during her talk and wrote a recap on his blog and had this to say:

Anya Stettler from Avalara had one of the best talks I've ever seen at a tech conference, hands down.  Her tips on documenting APIs walked through examples of technical references, code snippets, tutorials, and live interactive formats that keep developers excited about an API.  Check out her presentation on SlideShare, because it's too good to miss.  More speakers need to focus on action items with just enough of a soft sell to let us know their brand is a go-to source for expert services.  "Do this to be successful" is the kind of talk I like to hear.

You can watch her presentation on Slideshere below:

Documenting APIs: Sample Code and More (with many pictures of cats) from Anya Stettler

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