11.4 - Reconcile Transactions After Outage

If you used a fallback tax rate for a permanent transaction, you must reconcile the transaction after your application comes back online. Temporary transactions such as SalesOrder tax estimates do not need to be reconciled; similarly, if you retry a transaction one or more times using CreateOrAdjustTransaction and the API call eventually succeeds, you also do not need to reconcile the transaction.

The necessary steps to reconcile transactions after an outage is as follows:

Here’s how this task works:

Test Case - 11.4.1


  • Call CreateOrAdjustTransaction with these parameters:
    • Date: 2017 06 15
    • Address
      • SingleLocation - 100 Ravine Lane NE, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
    • Lines
      • qty 1
      • TaxCode P0000000
      • amount 100
    • TaxOverride
      • Type: TaxAmount
      • Amount: 10


  • There is a difference between the TaxCollected and Tax value
  • The Tax value is 10
  • The TaxCalculated value is 9.
  • The difference between Tax and TaxCalculated means that AvaTax determined that you overcollected by $1.
  • For customers using Avalara Managed Returns, this overcollect amount will be automatically reported on your next tax filing.
  • Customers filing returns outside of Avalara must ensure that this overcollection amount is correctly reported.
  • {
      "lines": [
          "amount": 100,
          "taxCode": "P0000000"
      "type": "SalesInvoice",
      "companyCode": "DEFAULT",
      "date": "2017-06-15",
      "customerCode": "ABC",
      "addresses": {
        "singleLocation": {
          "line1": "100 Ravine Lane NE",
          "city": "Bainbridge Island",
          "region": "WA",
          "country": "US",
          "postalCode": "98110"
      "taxOverride": {
        "type": "taxAmount",
        "taxAmount": 10.0,
        "reason": "Tax calculated offline"

You have now enabled your software to respond gracefully to a temporary outage in connectivity, and to prepare your transaction correctly.