Trustfile - Connector - Methods

Method Purpose Summary
DeleteConnection Delete a connection

Deletes the connection from the database given the connectionId and stops syncing data from it.

GetBadItems Retrieve items that have errors or are malformed

The connector should identify items that it receives that do not match the schema required by TrustFile.

GetConnectionActivities Get activity logs for connection

Returns a log of all activities up to a max of 365 days.

GetConnectionAuthenticate Authenticate with connection

Redirects user to the connection authentication.

GetConnectionDetail Get information about connection
  • Returns the status and other information about the connection identified by ‘connectionId’
  • Enabled connections will process data periodically if authorized
  • Authorized connections are authenticated with the host integration system (paypal, amazon.
GetConnections Get list of Connections

Returns list of connectionId’s of the given enabled state.

GetConnector Get status of the connector


GetConnectorHealth Get health and availability of connector
  • Health check for connector, used for monitoring
  • Monitors verify all statuses report OK, or the health check will fail.
GetErrors Get connector errors


HeadConnectionDetail Determine if connection with connectionId exists


PostConnection Creates a connection

This will create a connection with the posted connectionId and startDate.

PutConnection Update the connection with the given connectionId


PutConnector Enable/Disable connector

Based on the ‘enabled’ query param, disables or enables the connector.