TransactionModel > taxOverrideType

Request Body Parameter - Enum


If a tax override was applied to this transaction, indicates what type of tax override was applied.

Value Description
None AvaTax calculated the tax for this transaction, and no override occurred.
TaxAmount AvaTax calculated tax for this transaction, but the final tax amount on the transaction was determined outside of AvaTax. To see the tax amounts determined by AvaTax, look at the taxCalculated field. To see the tax amounts determined by the customer's outside tax engine, look at the taxAmount field. This behavior can also occur when a customer requests a refund. For refunds calculated using the RefundTransaction API, AvaTax will ensure that the exact tax charged to the customer is refunded to the customer using a tax amount override.
Exemption Entity exemption was ignored (e.g. item was consumed)
TaxDate AvaTax was instructed to calculate this transaction using the tax rules that were in effect on a different day than the transaction occurred. This behavior typically occurs during refunds. If the customer attempts to return a product without a receipt that shows the exact tax amount paid, AvaTax can calculate tax on the date when they believed that the product was purchased.
AccruedTaxAmount To support Consumer Use Tax
DeriveTaxable Derive the taxable amount from the tax amount
OutOfHarbor This is for the documents that are calculated outside of AvaTax and passed in to AvaTax specifically for reporting/Returns purposes