AvaTax SDK C#

These libraries are open source, and are released as such. If you have located a bug or have questions, please visit the Github repositories that are associated with the sample code and provide feedback there.
Latest SDK version 23.4.1

The AvaTax DotNet SDK is available on NuGet:

  • Right click on a project and select Manage NuGet Packages
  • Search for Avalara.AvaTax
  • Click Install to add the latest version

A detailed walkthrough is available on the Avalara Developer Blog

Using the DotNet SDK

The DotNet SDK uses a fluent interface to define a connection to AvaTax and to make API calls to calculate tax on transactions. Here's an example of how to connect to AvaTax in C#:

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Capturing logs of API calls

The DotNet SDK allows you to capture API requests and responses either using an event hook or by logging all API calls to disk. You can use this feature to capture information about API call errors, or performance statistics, or anything else.