Avalara Registrations
Simplify the process of sales tax registration across the United States

Are you selling throughout the U.S.? If so, getting registered with the states in which you’re obligated to collect and remit sales tax should be one of your first steps.

Register in multiple locations at once
Every state has a different application and process for sales tax registration — fill out our form once and we’ll handle the preparation and filing of sales tax registration in the jurisdictions you specify.
Offload the end-to-end application process
We prepare the necessary application forms, make payments directly to licensing authorities, and follow up with jurisdictions to ensure everything is processed within 5–7 business days.
Get help through every step
Applications are sent directly to the appropriate jurisdictions or back to you to complete any final steps. You’ll receive confirmation of the applications we file for you.
Ready to get started?
Get registered
Contact us to get registered and begin using Avalara Registrations.
Get Support
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