Excise Tax
Automated compliance solutions for excise tax calculations, exemptions, returns preparation, and more.
Avalara AvaTax Excise API
Connect your existing systems to identify and calculate excise tax

The Excise Tax API integrates with most major back-end financial systems, automating tax calculation for a broad range of fuel transactions, including invoices, purchase orders, sales orders, or movement accruals.

The excise tax API is a REST web service, serving as the external programmatic interface into the AvaTax Excise application. It provides for a platform-independent mechanism to obtain tax calculation information.

Avalara Returns Excise Pro
Simplify excise tax returns preparation and filing so they’re ready for signature or e-file

Avalara Returns Excise Pro integrates with most major back-end financial systems to automatically prepare forms for jurisdictions in the United States and Canada. All you need to do is review, sign, and submit when ready.