Excise Tax API


How does the API work?

The Excise Tax API integrates with most major back-end financial systems, automating tax calculation for a broad range of fuel transactions, including invoices, purchase orders, sales orders, or movement accruals.

The Excise Tax API is a SOAP web service

This service is the external programmatic interface into the that is the external programmatic interface into the Avalara Excise application. It provides for a platform-independent mechanism to obtain tax calculation information.

How does the Avalara Excise solution benefit businesses?

An error in tax determination can result in significant sales margin impact, hidden tax liabilities, and the potential for fines and penalties from taxing jurisdictions. Fuel suppliers, distributors, and energy traders will all benefit from increased tax determination accuracy, financial control, and transparency. Energy traders can fully understand tax implications prior to committing to a transaction, allowing for tax optimization, risk mitigation, and decreased costs.
AvaTax Excise significantly reduces IT maintenance costs associated with ongoing management of custom code and support of new tax regulations. Learn more

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