Chapter 5.1.15 - Invoice Result

Invoice Result

The InvoiceResult object contains the tax calculation results for each invoice submitted in the CalcTaxes request:

Key Value
doc [string] Document Code The Document Code for the invoice
  • Max length: 150 bytes
itms [LineItemResult] Line Item Results Contains the tax calculation results for each line item
summ [SummarizedTax] Summarized Taxes Contains the summarized taxes for the invoice
err [Error] Error Contains information about any errors returned (as applicable)
incrf [ReportingInformation] Reporting Information Contains reporting information. Returned when incrf in RequestConfig is set to true


"inv": [  {    "doc": "DocumentCode12345",    "itms": [      {        // Line Item Result      }    ],    "summ": [      {        // Summarized Tax      }    ],    "err": [      {        // Error      }    ],    "incrf": {      // Reporting Information    }  }]