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Chapter 5.18 - Detailed Tax Result

Detailed Tax Result

The Tax object contains the taxes generated for each line item:

Key Value
bill [bool] Billable
Indicates if the tax is billable to your customer.
  • true: Standard billable tax
  • false: Non-billable tax that cannot be billed to the customer
cmpl [bool] Compliance
Indicates if the tax is to be reported to the jurisdiction.
  • true: Standard compliance tax
  • false: Non-compliance tax that should not be reported to the jurisdiction
tm [double] Taxable Measure
The basis for calculation of percentage-based taxes. Simple transactions result in a taxable measure equal to the sale price. However, tax-on-tax, caps, thresholds, tiers, and taxable amount modifiers can all result in taxable measures that are greater than or less than the sale price.
calc [int] Calculation Type
Indicates how the tax is calculated
  • 1 Rate: Taxable Measure is multiplied by Rate
  • 2 Fixed: Fixed taxes represent a fixed tax that applies to the product being taxed
  • 3 PerMinute: Number of Minutes is multiplied by Rate
  • 4 PerLine: Number of Lines is multiplied by Rate
  • 5 SelfTaxingRate: Taxable Measure is multiplied by Self-Taxing Rate
  • 6 PerBracket: Number of Lines is multiplied by Rate based on tax bracket for line count
  • 7 FixedOnTier: Sale Amount is multiplied by Rate based on tax tier for sale amount
cat [string] Tax Category Name
cid [int] Tax Category ID
name [string] Tax Name
exm [double] Exempt Sale Amount
lns [int] Number of lines taxed
min [double] Amount of minutes taxed
pcd [int] PCode representing reporting tax jurisdiction
rate [double] Applicable tax rate
sur [bool] Surcharge
Indicates if this tax is a surcharge.
  • true: Surcharge rules apply to this tax
  • false: Tax is not a surcharge
tax [double] Tax Amount
lvl [int] Tax Level
Indicates the jurisdiction level of the tax
  • 0: Federal
  • 1: State
  • 2: County
  • 3: City
  • 4: Unincorporated
tid [int] Tax Type ID


"txs": [
    "bill": true,
    "cmpl": true,
    "tm": 35.099999999999994,
    "calc": 1,
    "cid": 5,
    "name": "Universal Lifeline Telephone Service Charge (VoIP)",
    "exm": 64.9,
    "lns": 0,
    "min": 0,
    "pcd": 253500,
    "rate": 0.0475,
    "sur": true,
    "tax": 1.6672499999999997,
    "lvl": 1,
    "tid": 454