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Communications Tax API


How does the API work?

The Communications Tax API provides communications tax calculation using information provided by jurisdiction codes, NPANXX, address and ZIP codes, supporting thousands of taxing jurisdictions, including country state/province, county, city and special taxing jurisdiction levels.

The Communications Tax API's are web services

This service is the external programmatic interface into the Avalara Communications tax engine. It provides a platform-independent mechanism for obtaining tax calculation information.

How does the Avalara Communications solution benefit businesses?

Avalara Communications connects to billing or ERP systems to quickly determine taxes for telecommunication services, as well as VoIP, internet services, satellite TV, and other communications services. Learn more

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Learn how to consume the web service for integration into customer programs, and defines the object structure, and reference the detailed object structure.


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To access the Avalara Communications service and obtain an API key, contact your Avalara account manager or email us.

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