Brazil Badges

Requirements for extractor certification


The badge for Extractors certifies connectors that extract data from the ERP and send it through API to report tax obligations.

Having a certified Extractor make the implementation process easier and agile, reducing significantly the project time.

Below we listed the main transactions that need to be completed to get the certification. However, additional transactions can be required according to the business type, given the complexity of the Brazilian tax world.


The partner can be certified at any time, but will only be considered "Launched" to the market, after two customers in production using the connector.

The partner will be responsible for support customers in production and give the maintenance of the developed connector.

The partner will be responsible for providing training and a guide to support customers.

To present an SLA (Service Level Agreement) plan.

Present a schedule detailing development times, unit tests, and integration tests.

We inform the importance of our partners complying with the rules and determinations of the General Data Protection Law - LGPD (Law No. 13,709), not disclosing or exposing customer data.

Mandatory Transactions to Obtain the Certification:

Fiscal Extractors

  • Inbound Fiscal Document for Goods
  • Outbound Fiscal Document for Goods
  • Service Purchase Fiscal Document - Withholding if Applicable
  • Service Sale Fiscal Document - Withholding if Applicable
  • Freight Fiscal Document

Accounting Extractors

  • Chart of Accounting
  • Accounting Posting
  • Balances
  • Cost Centers

Inventory Transactions / Balances

  • Inventory Balance
Mandatory requirements to get the certification.
As a user, I should be able to:

Mandatory Suggested

Use Cases



Setup Avalara Credentials

The best practice is to enhance the UI for easy entry of Avalara credentials including:

  • Client ID Token
  • Secret Token
  • Avalara endpoint URL


Test Authentication Connection - Ping Service

  • One for authentication /AUTH
  • Another for service availability /PIN


Comprehensive Logging

Given that all transactions are based on request/response JSON, the connector should provide logs of these transactions for troubleshooting, if necessary. Partners can define the time necessary to keep those data on the system.


Set the timeout to API calls

Set a timeout to API call, as recommended by best practices.


Security Communication Protocol – HTTPS/SLL

The platform (ERP´s, middleware’s, e-commerce, etc.) that will be the API calls should be prepared to support TLS 1.2.

Previous versions will be discontinued and are not recommended.


Checking Environment

Provide evidence that demonstrates which environment (Production or Sandbox) the client/partner is operating



Extractors must guarantee that all relevant data to obligations report are correctly mapped from ERP.



Extractors must guarantee that all relevant documents for a correct tax calculation and fiscal report were selected.



Extractors must have a mechanism to ensure control of what has already been extracted.



Inform version compatibility with the ERP with the connector.



Inform the connector architecture, as well as the prerequisites for operation, either on Premise or in the cloud.


Namespaces – SAP

Exclusive for partners who will develop a connector for SAP ERP, it is mandatory to have a reserved domain within the SAP system, which must be active and licensed.